The NomadX Story

Mission Statement

NomadX is on a mission to revolutionise the way remote work travelers, or “Digital Nomads”, live, work, and travel the world.


NomadX makes it easy and affordable to live the remote work traveling lifestyle, explore new cultures, and meet people from around the world while maintaining a healthy career.

NomadX, at its core, is a European midterm housing marketplace for 2 weeks to 12 months, with average stays of 3 months, developed to meet the needs of the rapidly growing community of slow traveling remote workers and digital nomads.

As remote work travelers ourselves, we know what the market is looking for: trusted, affordable accommodations in highly-attractive locations worldwide for 50% less than AirBNB.

We also run the popular NomadX - #1 Travel Community for Remote Workers & Digital Nomads offering tips & tricks, connections, nomadic travel Lives with members and #HELLYES guests and events. Please join here to connect and to get special offers:

Core Values

Here at NOMADX, we share some community core values to help guide our actions. Here’s what we stand for:


At NOMADX, we believe in the importance of being open and honest. And we are committed to forming relationships that are based on integrity, transparency and truthfulness as this is at the foundation of great relationships.


We are considerate to fellow hosts, digital nomads, our homes that we share and the local communities where we live and work. Furthermore, we want our actions to have a positive influence on the community.


We believe in the power of sharing to achieve the highest levels of connection. The sharing of knowledge, our homes, or a cup of coffee, can help spread happiness and inspiration to pursue dreams, or to just appreciate life a bit more.

Health & Wellness

We prioritize health and wellness in our personal and professional lives. We are supportive of our community members to help them achieve their goals by living a healthy conscious lifestyle.


What defines us isn’t the money or things we have, our popularity, fame or status. But what really defines us is the positive impact we can have on other people’s lives and communities through our generosity.


We are committed to providing the foundation for a thriving self-guided, fun and professional community which is friendly, ethical, respectful, diverse and inclusive. We believe that a strong community will help us form life-long bonds, and be productive, grow and evolve positively as human beings and professionals. We believe that individuals working together and driven by their passions can shape a better world.

Our Story

NomadX started with the desire to help others easily and affordably experience the slow-travel Digital Nomad lifestyle whether for a month or a lifetime in amazing locations throughout the world, with a start in Portugal.

Prior to founding NomadX in 2017, Dave and Jen Williams spent years traveling the world where they saw an opportunity to improve upon the ease of finding affordable, midterm housing and immediate connection to the local community for slow traveling freelancers, location independent entrepreneurs, and remote employees.

They also wanted to help global workers experience a new way to travel, live and work throughout the world. This is when NomadX was born.

In October 2020, NomadX merged with Flatio, a mid-term rental platform aimed at professionals and students. The merger consisted of both companies combining their listings (Flatio had 9,000 across 60 cities and 17 countries and NomadX had 1,700 in Portugal alone) and expansion plans within existing markets and to new markets across Europe.

After beginning discussions in July, Flatio and NomadX were quick to push through the deal in part due to evolving customer behaviour caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, to increase our geographic reach and to leverage their powerful technology platform for scale. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, as there’s a rapid increase in remote working, being led by technology businesses like Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook which will lead to a very large market opportunity.

Our Philosophy

We are a value-driven company. This is why it’s NomadX’s mission, as a Public Benefit Corporation, to promote friendliness, cultural understanding, and social interaction between Digital Nomads and the local communities in which they live and work.

Meet Our Founders

NomadX was created for location independent professionals by a remote team of digital nomads with its global headquarters in Lisboa, Portugal. Here are the company leaders who make it all happen.

Home base: Lisbon, Portugal

Dave and Jen Williams

Dave leads the company as its Chairman and CEO, and is a pioneer in the digital marketing, advertising, and ad tech industries as a serial digital entrepreneur over the past 20+ years. He has also experienced multiple exits in the early formative stages of the search engine marketing, social media, and ad tech industries with prior company headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and New York City.

After visiting over 50 countries in their global travels, Dave and his wife, Jen (the company’s Chief Fun Officer), and their dog, Manu, now reside in Lisbon, Portugal and the Northern Algarve, where they are learning to surf and using as a base for their European travels.

Press Inquiries

For press queries, podcasts, speaking engagements, please contact Dave Williams at [email protected].